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Decorative Drop Ceiling Panels

Introducing Skyceilings that Rock this World

Why settle for the plain old tiles when you can get Skypanel? The excellent quality sensational lights and tile fixtures combine the best of efficiency and style.

The ceiling can really affect the overall look and appeal of your bedroom. And while the ordinary ceiling lights and fixtures are decent, the smart fluorescent light diffusers offered by Skypanels push the lighting aspects of your home to a higher plateau. From shiny fluorescent bulbs to vibrant tile fixtures, you get everything at Skypanels. The light color shades create the impression of a larger airier room.

The Skies Landscape layout by Skypanel for instance features a variety of mosaic images of birds and clouds for a more realistic effect. Bask in the beauty of the clear blue sky indoors! Thanks to these wonderful tiles and lights you can now enjoy the beauty of the clear blue sky in the comfort of your house and without removing your roof!



  • What are Skyceilings all about?

    At Skypanel we offer smart ceiling fixtures and panels that’ll bring the beauty and brightness of nature to your home and work space. From hospitals, schools & universities, all the way to corporate buildings, we cater to all kinds of preferences. In addition, the extensive range of ceiling drop panels and lights are custom made to fit the room and space. And unlike the other conventional ceiling fixtures the efficient, reliable, and environment friendly Skyceilings products aren’t harmful at all.

  • What are these ceiling lights made of?

    The Skyceiling fixtures are made from commercial quality mineral fiber that is then used to store the digitally designed designs featured on the tiles. The panels also come with a 10 year UV protection coating that minimizes the threat of external damage. This boosts the longevity of the product by almost 20 years in indoor condition.

  • How can I install these Skyceilings?

    Skyceiling drop ceiling tile fixtures are custom made to fit the allocated space in most T- Bar suspended Ceilings and generally require no technical expertise and professional skills to install. You can easily install the Skyceilings with just a small ladder and occasionally with just a few common tools in the toolkit. Such easy and time saving installation makes Skypanels a profound and flexible product for a plethora of customers.

  • Will the Skyceiling lights fit my ceiling?

    Skyceilings are tailor made to fit your ceiling. As long as there is a lip or ledge for Skyceilings, installation is quite simple. We offer two sets of standard sizes, namely a 2’ x 2’ layout (24 x 24 inches) and a 2’ x 4’ (24 x 48 inches) one. But don’t worry if you have a smaller ceiling, you can always trim the edges with the razor knife for a more customized fit.

  • Does installing Skypanel destroy the ceiling?

    As they are simply decorative drop ceiling tiles, Skyceiling fixtures do not damage the ceiling at all. The installation doesn’t require any kind of modification, you don’t have to drill a hole or break a portion of the ceiling for fixing the panels. The Skyceilings only replace the existing tiles without compromising the sturdiness and strength of the structure.

  • Do Skypanel products offer a warranty period?

    All Skyceiling products adhere to the standards set by the USA SKYPANELS, i.e. they conform to the specified shape, size, color, and design. And though the company does offer some maintenance warranty, USA SKYPANELS will not be liable for the damage in case of installation defect, improper storage, or any other serious negligence by the customer.

  • Can I send it back in case of a problem?

    In case of any technical defect caused during the production, storage or shipping, or any other issue the company will be responsible for it. You can return the product within 30 days after purchase only if the panels and fixtures are in the same condition as when they were first shipped. However, USA SKYPANELS does not offer any refund on the shipping and handling costs involved.

  • How long does it take for the Skypanel products to be shipped?

    The smart packaging and sterling shipping process further enhances the acumen of Skypanel products. All shipping boxes are sized 3" x 24" x 48" and contain up to 4 drop ceiling panels in each package for easy delivery. The Skyceilings can be ordered by 5 pm PST that are shipped by the next business day via FedEx Ground so all orders are arrive within in 3-5 business days approx.

  • What’s the shipping cost?

    If shipping Skypanels to an address in the Continental U.S. it costs $14.95 Flat Rate for 1-12 Skyceilings, $24.95 for 13-24 Skyceilings and $34.95 for 25 or more Skyceilings. For shipping addresses outside of the Continental U.S., please call for pricing.

    For other countries you can contact us directly via email, Contact Form or calling us directly at (888) 475 - 9726



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