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  • The panel was easy to cut and flexible enough to make it easy ...

    The panel was easy to cut and flexible enough to make it easy to install. Also looks great with the cabinets.

    Amazon Customer 9/29/16
  • Totally transformed the room!

    I ordered 3 Skypanels - day, sunset and night - for 3 fixtures in my massage studio. Amazing transformation!! The Skypanels are unique, decorative and extremely warm and creative. A perfect solution! Thanks !

    Michele G. 9/23/16
  • Kite panels

    These panels are fabulous! The material is flexible and the colors are so vibrant. The custom cut was exactly right and service very timely.

    Barbara D. 9/22/16

    I LOVE THEM!!!
    The second batch got here way quicker then the first batch. :)

    Michel B. 9/21/16
  • Skypanels ( clouds )

    Perfect replacement for the old faded panels in my family room. we did our own measuring and cutting with no problem. Very pleased.

    Bobbie B. 9/20/16
  • Cirrus and Jacaranda tree panels

    Loved them! It does make the area I placed them in a bit darker so one needs to account for that if your working with precision. I use a lighted magnifying glass for facials and such so it works for me. And my customers enjoy the Scenery as well.

    Aleida M. 9/20/16
  • Skylight

    Replaced it in my bathroom skylight I made from stain glass was just to heavy and the hear melted some solder and glass was opening up Have done other small windows with stain glass no problems, yours looks cool thanks

    John S. 9/20/16
  • Great Service

    Thanks guys for the custom cut !~ Not a normal size I have!

    Grey G. 9/20/16
  • Great quality!

    Very happy with our new Sky Panels!

    Laura K. 9/19/16
  • Purchase of 10 Skypanels

    We bought them for 10 fixtures in our office. They look great with the 5000K fluorescent bulbs.

    Conrad M. 9/18/16
  • Great product/company

    We needed to replace a skylight cover in a bathroom and thought the sky/clouds would be fun. The covers were cut to order for a perfect fit and being as it was actually ½ the size of the standard panel they made the cut and shipped both pieces. The cover was shipped promptly and well packaged.

    Marie R. 9/15/16
  • Morning Ray Skypanels

    I love my new panels. The trees looks so realistic!! Lighting great!!

    Gail S. 9/14/16
  • Love to sit back and relax

    I was surprised my boss's boss let me put this up I get so many complements on it ! Love to sit back and relax, pretending I'm sitting under the palm tree.

    Parent Professional 9/13/16
  • Heart lifting

    I live in "living space" in a barn. Only three windows on two sides but light panels in a high ceiling, made my world dull at best. The first panel was just to see if it would have the desired effect. The difference was awesome and instant, with the flip of a switch.

    Darlene C. 9/12/16
  • Beautiful Panel

    Love it! Glad I paid the extra $5 to have it cut to exact size. Great customer service and fast, secure shipping.

    Mark G. 9/10/16
  • Sea Turtle

    I have put these in my classroom and I love them!! The sea turtle is the best!!

    Katie B. 9/9/16
  • Best of the Best customer service

    6 Stars

    Minh D. 9/7/16
  • Very beautiful! It does filter the light!

    I love my Jacaranda Tree Panals! I was very delighted to see that as they precut my panel that they sent me both sides! It was split down the middle to fit my light! I love the bright cheerful view! Susan

    Susan M. 9/5/16
  • Beautiful!

    Love our Skypanels. We are a small learning centre for children with autism, and these really make a huge difference. They significantly reduce (eliminate) the flicker/feel of the fluorescent lights. Great investment.

    Carrie F. 9/4/16
  • Really lovely effect

    Pleased with the way this quite large double panorama looks. It does reduce the light, as expected, but increases the pleasure I get from my newly remodelled kitchen.

    Nina L. 9/3/16
  • Nice!

    Looks great, fits perfectly, no trimming necessary.

    tech-guy-in-LA 9/2/16
  • I love them

    I love them on my 3rd grade classroom!!

    Katie B. 9/2/16
  • Total change of atmosphere!

    I got these panels for my classroom. Many reviews say florescent lighting has negative effects on students who have special needs as well as people who are prone to migraines. These not only seem to help filter the florescent, but provide a softer, calming atmosphere.

    Holly H. 9/2/16
  • Five Stars

    We love these in our Pilates studio... clients are soooo happy!

    Debi Huber 8/31/16
  • Great investment!

    I LOVE the sky panels. They brightened up our office space dramatically. I have less headaches, eye tension, and light sensitivity issues since they were installed. I recommend them for all office spaces! Thank you!

    Julianne C. 8/29/16
  • Sky panels

    Love love love them. Company wonderful working with. A++++

    Judy W. 8/29/16
    Tags: #Custom #Home
  • Pleasant surprise

    Was able to fit two custom sky photos, 20"x20" on one panel they were able to cut in two. These were for indoor skylight ceiling panels. The photos were of different trees/blooms with sky and clouds. I'm surprised at how natural it is to look up and see them. I was expecting that it might look tacky in my home, but it doesn't. They seem more like looking out a window.

    Corey B. 8/28/16
    Tags: #Custom #Home
  • Small room

    Bought these for a very small room with no windows. Adds a very nice ambiance to the space.

    Cathy M. 8/26/16
  • Love it!

    We love it! We put it in a cabin on our property that we will be renting out. It is in a cozy little reading nook. The panel was inexpensive fix to a fluorescent eyesore!

    Pauline P. 8/25/16
  • I love these panels!

    I love these panels! I work in a high school where my room has no windows. My students like the "feel" of my room because of these panels!

    Joanne L. 8/25/16
  • Amazing

    Ordered from a few other places had to return them this place perfect panel quality etc. I highly recommend this place to all

    George E. 8/25/16
    Tags: #CumulusII
  • Skylights

    We love our new sky panels! We have oak framed recessed lights in two of our bathrooms. Using the Skypanels as the light cover makes them appear to be sky lights through the roof to see the sky!

    Vickie A. 8/21/16
  • Preschool Director

    Parents and staff love our Sky Panels! It completely changed the atmosphere of our classroom. We are already planning a fundraiser to purchase more!

    Elizabeth R. 8/20/16
  • Peaceful Setting

    The Jacaranda and cloud sky panels add a soothing dimension to the physical therapy room. So did the Kites and cloud previously ordered for another room. Thanks for you expedient service and good quality products.

    Estelle R. 8/18/16
  • Library program director

    We are so pleased with our skypanels. They brighten the room and make the children smile.

    Linda S. 8/18/16
  • Skypanels

    Love them! Easy to install, great ambiance!

    Joanie H. 8/18/16
  • Love them in my classroom!

    Love them in my classroom!

    Tracy B. 8/17/16
  • Gorgeous

    absolutely beautiful piece... had to trim to size with a knife but it worked well...hope to get more later I will think that I'm outside on a sunny day with beautiful clouds in the sky!

    Ms. L. 8/15/16
  • Amazing!

    I absolutely love it. It has made an amazing difference in my kitchen. I will be buying 2 more for my laundry room.

    Matthew J. Schaffer 8/14/16
  • Easy to size

    Makes the drop ceiling lights more interesting. Easy to size.

    Robert Kennedy 8/14/16
    Tags: #CumulusI
  • Love love love

    Skypanels are the best thing since sliced bread!

    Karen H. 8/14/16
  • Transforming classrooms in Texas

    I absolutely love my Skypanels. My classroom looks so much more inviting with my happy clouds!! Hope to buy more this year if my Grant is accepted by the review committee. Thanks for a great product!

    Guest 8/12/16
  • I really like the reduced

    I really like the reduced light but soothing scene

    Erin S. 8/12/16
  • LOVE them!!!

    I am a special education teacher. The reduction in fluorescent glare, as well as the blue sky and clouds, is very calming for my students. It makes my classroom feel very peaceful and conducive to learning!

    Barbaraq L. 8/11/16
  • They look great…

    Love my SkyPanels. Just what I needed to complete my kitchen remodel...

    Pamela M. 8/10/16
  • Nice panels

    These panels are an awesome way to relax and it is a conversation piece everybody ask where did you get those .everybody notice them right away.

    Gregory T. 8/8/16
  • This is my third order

    Our daylite basement is like being outdoors and beautifully covers 2' X 2' and 2' X 4' fluorescent lights. Saw these at my doctor's office and asked for the source. Thank you!

    Emily J. 8/8/16
  • I ordered the sea turtle

    I ordered the sea turtle panels for my condo. They are so cute. Delivery was fast also.

    Debra H. 8/7/16
  • Just the solution I needed

    I used these at my business and my clients LOVE them, they feel like they are outdoors and the atmosphere is more relaxed than before. I had them custom cut so install was super easy. Love them!

    Patricia W. 8/6/16
  • Great for a classroom!

    I love how the skypanels make it appear that my second grade classroom has sky lights! They are very realistic looking. What a difference for the kids - and their teacher!

    Anna D. 8/6/16
  • Great Addition to our school

    Great Addition to our school cafeteria!

    Mitzi B. 8/5/16
  • Great better than i thought

    Great better than i thought

    Gregory T. 8/3/16
  • Skypanel Review

    The Skypanels really set a positive ambience around the office, especially in an office with no windows. The panels are of excellent quality and fairly easy to trim with a box cutter. The extra pieces to help flatten out the panels are essential since they panels arrive rolled up. They look great!

    Ernie P. 8/3/16
  • Lovely to look at!

    I put these in a laundry room at an apartment community. So beautiful!

    Angela Ferguson 7/29/16
  • cloudy with a chance of florescence.

    we put this product in our office and it is wonderful. we alternated between the regular clouds and the cherry blossom ones. The original size did not fit so we have to cut them down, but once we did they were perfect.
    be prepared to cut them to fit your size (not all light areas are created equal)
    it still lets in a lot of light and doesnt make the room feel too dark even with every panel being clouds.

    Jill G. 7/23/16
  • Great convo piece too

    Always gets comments from clients. Great convo piece too.

    Amazon Customer 7/29/16
  • Does the job and does it well

    These worked perfectly with our new Skypanel. I would recommend you buy these if you get a Skypanel as it helps hold the panel in place. It would make sense if they were included with the purchase of the panel.

    DivaScorpio78 7/23/16
  • Bought three and they look amazing in my kitchen

    Got so many compliments on these. Bought three and they look amazing in my kitchen.

    Amaly 7/22/16
  • Administrative Assistant Rainbow Valley Elementary School

    We love your products! We purchase the cloud style for our front office a couple of years ago and we always get compliments on how beautiful they are. It has helped all of us office girls with eye strain. This year I purchase some for one of our teacher's that has an eye problem and needs a darker room so she picked the night sky with the moon. When they came in our principal liked them so much she had me place another order for her office. Thank you for a wonderful product!

    Liberty D. 7/21/16


    Dale C. 7/21/16
  • Highly recommend!

    Just got the product and put it on right away. Relatively easy to install and wow! It made my bedroom so lovely. Highly recommend it!

    Kuofeng Hsu 7/20/16
  • Facility Manager

    Great product for our Peds area!

    Glenn P. 7/15/16

    I got my order in promised time, well actually faster. Well-made and quality material. I put it up right away and it looks great. Thanx. I’m pleased...Blessings Deborah

    Deborah D. 7/15/16
  • Bringing the outside Inside

    I love the Cumulus Skypanels. Being able to look up at the sky instead of the harsh lighting makes such a big difference. Really softens and relaxes the room.

    Lynn J. 7/14/16
  • Very Nice

    These are high grade covers, thick plastic that replace existing lens. Unlike the thin or cheaper quality that go over lens.

    Charles H. 7/14/16
  • Love them!

    I love how it makes my kitchen look like it has a sunlight!

    Naomi W. 7/6/16
  • Bright Up My Home

    I love these! I purchased 2 and they have brightened up my home! My husband loves them too. I would recommend these skypanels not only for a business, but your home!

    Suzanne L. 7/4/16
  • Teacher Approved!

    This product is absolutely amazing! As a school teacher, the price was a bit high to do all 12 of my ceiling tiles...but my amazing class parents chipped in! Now my students feel like they are outside all day long. These are very easy to install, and they will not upset even the strictest Fire Marshall!

    Scott Olsen 7/2/16
  • Administrative Asst. to Children/Youth Ministries

    We are very happy with our sky panels! Ordering, delivery, and installation went with out a hitch. They were installed in our new infant nursery. We would love to put them in all our children's rooms!

    Jeannine D. 6/28/16
  • Awesome addition to my kitchen

    I'm not an interior decorator but adding these panels to my kitchen made me think I was. They fit perfect and were shipped in a very safe manner. I wish I had more lights to get more panels in my house :)

    Anton M. 6/26/16
  • Amazing!!!

    You have the best customer service out there. You quickly took a picture I sent you and created a very special panel for me. It makes my kitchen look amazing and it was cheaper than getting rid of the dropped light. Thank you taking such great care of me. I highly recommend you. Deana

    Deana M. 6/24/16
  • Great Purchase!

    I work in an office with no windows. I got the Fall Trees panels and they look awesome! I have a little sky now and the florescent lights are much softer now.

    Jana C. 6/22/16
  • Blue sky elevator

    The cumulus and kite panels brought new life to my clients 80's elevator. The children served at the facility are delighted with the much needed change.

    Davana G. 6/22/16
  • Excellent product

    These panels are great. The ladies love them in their office.

    Frank M. 6/21/16
  • Amazing!!!

    These sky panels are great! Looks amazing! Completely changed our offices appearance! Ordered more after our first order! We will soon do our entire office!

    Nichole W. 6/16/16
  • Great panels!

    I work in an office with no windows, these panels give the illusion of the sky and look fantastic!

    Jana C. 6/16/16
  • Excellent product! Completely satisfied

    The skypanels lend a unique atmosphere and I have received many favorable comments from friends who have visited my home.

    James W. 6/15/16
  • Changed the entire look of the office

    We replaced 6 light panels in our reception suite with 5 different cloud patterns and 1 with the clouds and tree. The staff and students love it. It creates a more outdoor feel and softens the lighting. Two added benefits, it worked wonders with one of our students with a communication problem--he came in and was fascinated, talked about them not just with me but then in his class and with everyone he met. The other benefit--fewer migraines from working under the old glare. It seems to have a calming effect as well. Other departments are considering making purchases. Thank you! We love our Skypanels.

    Carolyn M. 6/15/16
  • They arrived on time cut

    they arrived on time cut the way i wanted and had to trim them which i went by the directions and they cut just fine very happy with the purchase and they look GREAT

    James M. 6/15/16
  • Surprising Quality

    Excellent Product and surprisingly durable. Easy to install. I wish they had more scenes available. I will be ordering again from this company. Great product and service.

    Frank M 6/13/16

    I ordered this for one of young staffers who does not have a window. She loves her "new sky" view. Very simple idea to make her happy & enjoy her office!

    John D. 6/11/16
  • You will love these!

    Perfect addition for my shop. It looks great with our trains that run along the ceiling. We were able to cut them in half so they would cover our lights. It was super simple to do and exactly the effect we were looking for.

    Kathy F. 6/11/16
  • Great Products and Service!

    I have purchased a few of their standard panels and they work great for our office environment. I have also purchased some custom panels here and the service has been great. Very quick to respond and let you know the custom panels are available to view before creating them for you. Can't say enough good things about this company! They are doing it the right way.

    Dave G. 6/2/16

    We ordered these for our Nursing Home, specifically for our Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit. They are AMAZING! As soon as you walk onto the unit you immediately feel a sense of calmness. They have been a huge hit not just with families and staff, but most importantly with our Resident’s. We couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out and are excited to order more for different areas of the Nursing Home.

    Foundation S. 6/1/16
  • Adds a bit of warmth and calmness to my office

    Everyone loves the skypanel- it makes my basement office feel breezy and light - thank you the harsh fluorescents are very subdued

    Theresa K. 6/5/16
  • My students love it! Wish I could afford more

    I am a teacher and use them in my classroom. I have an inside room with no windows so this helps. And it is always sunny in here! My students love it! Wish I could afford more!

    Mari 5/31/16
  • and she love it, is natural view in her salon

    I buy this for a Christmas git, and she love it, is natural view in her salon, thank you

    Maria Martinez 5/22/16
  • No more headaches.

    No more headaches. Engineering put this up in my office. It diffuses the light just enough that I know longer have headaches by the end of the day.

    Kerry E. Cohlmeyer 5/18/16
  • Good product. Make sure that the florescent lights you ...

    Good product. Make sure that the florescent lights you have in are new or the light will look off. Shipping was much faster than expected.

    Don 5/11/16
  • We love our new sky pannels

    We love our new sky pannels. We recommend anyone looking to buy them to do it. All our friends are looking to buy some too. They are very easy to work with and install.

    Amazon Customer 5/11/16
  • Love them!

    Put them in my orthodontic office to spruce up the ceiling! We have a beach theme in our office so the clouds, palm trees and birds work nicely! Easy to install. I had to have mine custom cut to size and they fit perfectly!

    Ericka S. 4/26/16
  • Great Product!

    I have put these in 2 different school libraries, and they are awesome!

    Kim C. 4/21/16
  • Five Stars

    I should have put these in my office at work YEARS ago!

    Five Stars 4/20/14
  • Bringing in the light!

    These panels are such a great way to make an office building warm and bright. It takes my clients a few visits to realize they are there and they always comment about them. They were very easy to size & install as well and I am not that handy!

    Adria O. 4/20/16
  • Wonderful addition

    I love them. They have transformed my kitchen/dining area into a tropical paradise where sunny blue skies prevail. They soften the harsh fluorescents just right!

    Kathleen E. 4/13/16
  • Works great!

    A little cutting to get the right fit. Looks great.

    Ryan Nuss 4/13/16
  • Sky Panels brightens Up Our Office

    Our patients absolutely love the new sky panels!!!!

    Clyde J. 4/11/16

    I am very pleased with my order. The panels were cut exactly to order, and the representative I spoke with was very pleasant and helpful in my selection. I would certainly refer your product to others, and I plan to make another purchase in the near future

    John D. 4/11/16
  • Sunny in my basement home office. :-)

    Love this! Used in home office that is in my basement, without any windows. I love the sun, so thought this design would really brighten the room and makes me feel better when working. It does! I feel less trapped underground. Also filters bright florescent light nicely. I did cut it myself too (needed it cut in half to fit existing drop panels), which wasn't too tricky, but be careful because I almost botched that. I am thinking of getting a cloud one to match and put on other lights in same room. Would recommend to anyone.

    Deb C. 4/7/16
  • Love it!

    This is the second panel of Forest Love I've purchased. It was the only thing I really missed after I left my Hypnotherapy/coaching office. So, I've purchased another one and having a light box made so I will never have to leave it. The staff at sky panels was very accommodating regarding my purchase and I highly recommend this business. Plus, they have beautiful panels! Love it!

    Sandra W. 4/1/16
  • i really like these sky panels.

    i like these panels but they change the color of the light to a light blue so use cool white or bright florescent tubes. easy to install

    Theodore M. Kumlander 3/21/16
    Tags: #Sunset
  • Soothing Sunset

    Makes going to my new job a lot more enjoyable!

    Cristina S. 3/19/16
  • Happy wife Happy Life.

    My wife had me purchase these panels for our den I was very surprised how nice they look, Wife is happy.

    Gerald Q. 3/18/16
  • Great

    We have these in our patient exam rooms and everyone loves them. Super easy to install.

    Tiffani H. 3/16/16
  • A New Look For An Old Beauty Shop.

    the panels have given a total new look to the beauty shop

    John F. 3/16/16
  • I love this and have received many compliments

    I love this and have received many compliments. I used this to cover the opening for a skylight, and it is always bright and cheery.

    George Klepps 3/15/16
    Tags: #Sunset #Home
  • Very nice effect!

    I have had a sky type fluorescent light cover for over 10 years and currently have about 30 of them. The patients love it! You have to make sure you find the correct light bulb to bring out the maximum effect though. A 5000K light bulb is in the same spectrum as sunlight.

    Rob S. 3/14/16
  • Purchased one for my father in the Veterans Home

    I bought this for my father who is living in the Veterans Home. He loves it! The other residents and staff drop by just to look at it. He is in hospice and spends all day in bed. Now he can see the sky. I also purchased a 3D beach scene to go with this panel. I am going to purchase more for the other men. Florescent lighting can cause irritability and aggression. This solves the glare and is more beautiful than the images online. Get one for the shut ins! It will make a difference!

    chromelassie 3/13/16
  • I LOVE my different cloud

    I LOVE my different cloud Skypanels in my classroom!!!

    Dena L. 3/13/16
  • Parents love them. Easy to install

    I bought quite a few of these for my child care center for over the infant cribs. Parents love them. Easy to install.

    PACCE 3/5/16
  • Five Stars

    These are great in our office!

    Yeshayahu 3/5/16
  • Skypanel

    We love our summer nights skypanel!

    Amber D. 3/1/16
  • Fun change to my game room

    I had the panel cut special for my light. It came quickly and fit perfectly. They even gave me the extra piece that they cut off. The hard part now is going to be...which one do I buy for my other light?

    Lewis H. 2/29/16
  • I absolutely love them.

    I absolutely love them. My office is so serene and my colleagues love it. Best decision I've made for my well-being. Thank you

    Nilda L. 2/24/16
  • Love them! We put them in a patient area ...

    Love them! We put them in a patient area so they have something good to look at and we are happy with our patients response to them. Shipping was quick. Quality is good we did have to trim them to fit but that was an easy process. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Shirley Fuss 2/22/16

    : I was looking for some kind of filter that would cut the harsh overhead light in my office and stumbled across these. They are a little bit of a pain to trim - BUT the results are so worth it!

    K. Taylor 2/18/16
  • I love this one! So real!

    I love this! You have no idea how many people thought it was a REAL skylight! BUY BUY BUY

    Divine Mz R 2/17/16
  • Beautiful panel. Fire rating approved at my hospital.

    I get so many compliments on this! I work in an Army Hospital, so they won't buy things like this for us. It reduces my headaches and since I'm in a windowless office keeps me from being claustrophobic. Several people have ordered this after seeing mine!

    AFRetiree2011 2/13/16
  • Purchaser

    We just installed the panels yesterday and they look great. Your service was absolutely great and the turnaround was fabulous.

    Paul S. 2/12/16
  • Brings a smile to our residents’ faces!

    We love the way that the sky panels brighten up our hallways and elevator. A resident said they brought a smile to her face every time she stepped into the elevator.

    Amy K. 2/10/16
  • i really like these

    i really like these i have 6 florescent lights in my drop ceiling and i replaced the old cracked lenses with these and and they soften the harsh ligh and look great.

    Theodore M. Kumlander 1/30/16
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  • They work great. Whenever someone comes over they complement them

    They work great. Whenever someone comes over they complement them. "It's like a skylight!"

    Troy R Nelson 1/28/16
    Tags: #SummerNights #Home/div>
  • Serene

    The addition of sky panels to our nurses station really make a big difference to the overall environment. The sky panels eliminate the harsh feel of the florescent lights and overall give the area a serene feel. We love them!

    Melissa W. 1/16/16
  • Five Stars

    I love this! You have no idea how many people thought it was a REAL skylight! BUY BUY BUY

    Jeremy 1/16/16

    I love them so much! My kitchen looks like I'm cooking somewhere exotic warm and not the in the Northwest rain.. Only took me 40 minutes to install 8 panels including cutting off bout one inch.

    Toto S. 1/15/16
  • My son was excited to install this in his office ...

    My son was excited to install this in his office. Looking forward to seeing if it works as he expected.

    Barb Younger 1/2/16
  • Effortless

    I was worried the dimensions would be wrong but everything was perfect! Easy to install and the custom cut fit easily!

    Angela W. 12/30/15
  • Great Idea

    Beautiful. I spent a lot of time in my office and the headaches were terrible. But the headaches were so much less intense after I filtered the flouresnt lights.

    V Mang 12/25/15
  • Everyone like those panels

    Makes my kitchen a lot more friendly, everyone like those panels. Need to cut to fit, not easy.

    Harold 12/25/15
  • Good quality, strong

    This was the second of these that I ordered. (I also ordered the Pink Tree Skypanels.) I have two overhead lights in an interior office with no windows. It honestly creates such a pleasant and serene look. And it actually does diffuse! I work on a computer all day and many on my team have floor lamps so they can shut off the overhead lights to ease the strain on their eyes. Very happy.

    Anony Mouse 12/24/15
  • Lovely.

    I have an interior office with no windows and two panels of overhead fluorescent lights. Depressing and not great on the eyes either. I ordered this (and a second) diffuser and they are fantastic. I am so happy with this purchase and with the appearance of the room as a result.

    Maria Ratliff 12/24/15
  • ... in office with no window it its the next best thing to being outside

    When working in office with no window it its the next best thing to being outside.

    Amazon Customer 12/23/15
  • Sky Panel for Island Light

    I was contacted to see if other dimensions would work which I appreciated. The product was perfect in appearance and it matched what was shown on the web. Extremely fast shipping too!

    Courtney C. 12/17/15
  • Amazing transformation

    I bought these for some fluorescent panels in my kitchen. It makes the room look bright and sunny even on cloudy days! I later had the house on the market and many people looking at my house commented immediately on these panels and everyone loved them. I think it was a real attraction to the interior.

    Tamara 12/17/15
  • Love these

    I bought these for my office because there is only one window. Everyone who comes in comments on how nice they are.

    Leonardo Q. 12/4/15
  • Palm Tree fronds and cloud’s, SKYPANELS

    I installed two 2x4 palm fronds and cloud's Skypanels in my kitchen skylight and they look awesome. It reminds me of being back in Hawaii every time I walk in my kitchen.

    Ron M. 11/17/15
  • Awesome. Bought the 1st one to stop glare on ...

    Awesome. Bought the 1st one to stop glare on the copy machine and now I'm going to buy more because I love the ambience.

    photobugg213 11/16/15
    Tags: #CumulusII
  • Fantastic Product!

    We recently purchased the panorama (3 piece) Bright Sun Skypanels for our home. Although I was a little skeptical on the quality prior to purchasing them, the quality surpassed our expectations. They provide a new cutter for easy cutting (when they tell you to use a new blade for each piece, listen) Very easy to cut the panels to size. Beautiful! Shipping was good. Box was a little damaged, but product was packed very well to not be affected by shipping. Would definitely purchase from again..

    Robert L. 11/16/15
  • Kids love them

    When my son went through chemotherapy, the hospital he was at had these. He loved them. Always told us about "adventures" he had in them. So when we found them for sale, we got some and made some lights out of them for his room (because who has recessed lighting in their room). It's been a couple years since and he still absolutely loves them.

    Melissa Eastwood 11/14/15
  • Skylights in my "closet" office

    I love them! Brightens up my small windowless office!

    Dana Carley 11/12/15
  • It is very beautiful and I am very happy with it

    It is very beautiful and I am very happy with it

    Georgia Baril 11/7/15
    Tags: #Custom
  • Excellent product and customer service!

    I purchased 16 custom artwork panels, needed in 1 week, SkyPanels made sure that I got! Love the panels!!!!

    Melissa R. 11/6/15
    Tags: #Custom
  • Cloudy with a chance of happiness!

    I am using these in my Special Education classroom to help diffuse the fluorescent light glare and prevent the flicker the fluorescents give off. I love them. My students love them. Other teachers love them. I've had them before in my other classrooms and had to leave them behind when I transferred. I couldn't wait to order them again. They give me a feeling of having a windows when I have none.

    Beth Jackman 11/4/15
  • Sky panels are fantastic

    They are as beautiful as advertised and easy to install. Very pleased

    Sharon G. 11/3/15
  • Looks nice if you like different

    I think of it like adding simple art to the ceiling. It does take away some of the light.

    R. Baird 10/29/15
  • East to cut to size

    We took out a skylight in a small bathroom when we had the roof replaced because they are nothing but trouble here in Florida. It was replaced with a cheap plastic cover. I had an electrician install a single florescent bulb fixture and put this panel up. It was easy to cut, it only took my husband a few minutes and it looks wonderful. Not only is enough light restored after losing the skylight, it looks really cool.

    D. Brown 10/29/15
  • Great for Classroom

    I ordered 4 panels to replace the plain ones in my classroom for cognitively impaired students. Last year we used the magnetic filters and, while they did the trick of cutting down on glare, etc, they always reminded me of diaper pads hanging from the ceiling. I paid the extra $5 and had them custom cut, and our custodian had all 4 installed in less than half an hour. They look great, fit perfectly, provide conversation starters with the students AND all the other benefits mentioned on the website. Will be ordering a few more when next year's budget becomes available. :)

    Suanne V. 10/28/15
  • Makes a huge difference

    Looks absolutely great in my kitchen. What a difference from the yucky white ones. The companies customer service is wonderful and very fast

    Cheryl D 10/25/15
  • Better than a skylight

    Looks like I have a skylight and that the heavens are shining down on me:^) Many office friends stop by when having a bad day just to look at it and they say it soothes them.

    ReNadja 10/21/15
  • Looks just like the picture.

    The lights in my office have been giving me headaches off-and-on, and some research indicated that I could filter them with positive results. These worked well; the light, while dimmed slightly, is much less jarring/harsh, and colors are truer to themselves. Plus, when winter is upon us and all is grey and gross, I only have to look upwards to imagine that I'm actually at a tropical resort instead of slogging away at my desk.

    Dustin 10/20/15
  • Skypanels light clips

    I bought three Skypanels. The clips keep the panels flat and in place with no ripples.

    Cheryl H. 10/17/15
  • Good product; additional attachment hardware option needed

    The flicker of fluorescent lighting can be painful for children with autism. These covers are attractive and actually diffuse the flicker of fluorescent lighting. Our light fixture design is atypical so mounting clips you sell were not usable. We were able to use hinch pins to mount, instead. Definitely recommend the product.

    Patti V. 10/16/15
  • Everyone loves them!

    I'm a school social worker, with a small office that has no windows to the outside. I have two lights, both of which I covered. It totally changes the mood of the room to calm and peaceful. Staff members and students alike immediately notice the difference and comment how nice it is! Installation was easy enough. We did have to score and make the panels slightly smaller, but they didn't crack or break in the process.

    Jennifer R. 10/16/15
  • Great product

    I bought two panels and the clips and it was so easy installing. It really adds so much to my office, and reduces that terrible glare. I would recommend to anyone! Came without scratches or defects...and timely. Five stars!

    Philip W. 10/14/15
  • Compliments for days

    Bought these for my windowless, fluorescent lit office in a car dealership. Light is filtered now and the panels are beautiful. I have received many compliments and now others in my office are looking into purchasing them. I bought this one and the Cirrus Clouds one. They go together very nicely.

    Sarah 10/13/15
  • Cheaper than Sky Lights.

    They're a lot less expensive than putting a sky light in my kitchen.

    Steffan 10/13/15
  • Birds and Palm Tree Panels

    Thrilled with my panels and how quickly they arrived. You did not have pictures of the panels being used in LumaDome ceiling and I was a bit apprehensive. Larissa Trujillo in sales was very helpful. I ordered two panels to experiment. The 6' area I needed to cover needed some tweaking, but cutting the panels was very easy. I submitted pictures to Larissa. Hopefully it will give others some ideas.

    Sharry D. 10/12/15
  • excellent for any office or home

    These provide a better view and environment for long hours in the office. I actually put these in my home as well so I can have a pleasant view at any time.

    Terry H. 10/06/15
  • Love the sky panel to banish the ugly fluorescent fixture

    We have two fairly narrow (approx 10" by 48") fluorescent units on the either side of a ceiling fan over our kitchen island. We bought one panel and was able to cut it into two (+ a little) panels to replace the ugly diffusion panels. While they do cut down on the task lighting some, fortunately we have numerous other recessed task lights that do nicely. Absolutely love the result. Plus it was a breeze to install.

    Sandy S. 10/6/15
  • Five Stars

    I use both panels in the room I teach Reiki; it makes the room inviting and blessing;

    Emma 9/28/15
  • Love This!!

    Love this! Easy to install and looks great!!

    A. Kuttner 9/25/15
  • Sunshine in a dark passageway.

    It's just what I wanted. Looking forward to seeing it installed. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you so much.

    Ann Kessler Betts 9/24/15
    Tags: #PalmTrees
  • We have been very pleased with them and the residents are really enjoying having ...

    Our club had bought 4 of these for the local nursing home. We have been very pleased with them and the residents are really enjoying having them in their rooms. We intend to buy more for them.

    Ann Spencer 9/20/15
  • We have been very pleased with them and the residents are really enjoying having ...

    Our club had bought 4 of these for the local nursing home. We have been very pleased with them and the residents are really enjoying having them in their rooms. We intend to buy more for them.

    Ann Spencer 9/20/15
  • Skypanels that change the room

    I bought multiple sky panels just to check them out and I regret not buying more. What a difference these panels make, they are beautiful they change the whole room. I am planning on buying more panels.

    George D. 9/17/15
  • Clouds Sky Panel

    Very pleased with my purchase. The cutting tool worked well, and the panel adds to my living room fengshui.

    Jayne A. 9/16/15
  • Customers love them

    I put these in my office to make it a bit more comfortable and soothing. It more than did the trick. I have gotten several compliments from customers on how cool they look.

    Greg Belisle 9/15/15
  • 5.0 out of 5 starsCustomers love them

    I put these in my office to make it a bit more comfortable and soothing. It more than did the trick. I have gotten several compliments from customers on how cool they look.

    Greg Belisle 9/15/15
  • We recently added 12 SkyPanels

    We recently added 12 SkyPanels to our school's technology lab by writing a project and having it funded through! I cannot begin to explain the difference these phenomenal filters have made. The once harsh fluorescent light now casts a soft, calming blue hue throughout the room. The panels also make the room feel larger, too. SkyPanels have completely transformed our learning environment and we are so very grateful. I highly recommend these filters!

    Arlee H. 9/14/15
  • Cumulous Sky Panel

    I purchased my sky panel for my office. It was easy enough for me to install by myself. The directions were very easy to understand. I love the way the light is diffused and enjoy a little bit of sky in my office. All of my co-workers are jealous and want to steal it from my office.

    Victoria H. 9/9/15
  • Really like the panels

    They are good quality, create the calming, yet brightening effect we were going for, and they were a good price. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to bring the outdoors in to a space that doesn't have windows or needs a little perking up.

    Anonymous 9/8/15
  • Sea Turtle Panel Brings Smiles to Student's Faces

    Recently, I purchased the sea turtel panel for my 7th grade life science classroom. Students smile looking up at it. I'm enjoying it too!

    Kathleen D. 9/8/15
  • Cumulus Clouds

    The sky panels are great. We followed the directions and installation was a breeze. It is a huge improvement to an office with no windows!

    Peggy P. 9/8/15
  • Great product, we need to cut ours down to ...

    Great product, we need to cut ours down to fit in our ceiling panels but as long as you buy the cutting tool they sell it is easily accomplished. Shipping is quick and the quality of the panels has always been good.

    Amy 9/2/15
  • These panels are great, makes our classroom fun!

    These panels are a great addition to my classroom. The students LOVE them. Make sure you take the extra time during installation to not scratch them, I scratched my first one just a little bit, but they still look great!

    Laurie S. 9/1/15
  • What a difference!

    We installed two cumulus sky panels today. We also purchased the cutter and the clips and the installation went just as it was supposed to. I'm guessing that the people that had trouble or less than desirable results did not use a sharp blade, went too fast or didn't follow the manufacturer's instructions. The panels made a huge difference in an windowless office! Thanks!

    Peggy P. 8/30/15
  • What a difference!

    We installed two cumulus sky panels today. We also purchased the cutter and the clips and the installation went just as it was supposed to. I'm guessing that the people that had trouble or less than desirable results did not use a sharp blade, went too fast or didn't follow the manufacturer's instructions. The panels made a huge difference in an windowless office! Thanks!

    Peggy P. 8/30/15
  • Great Product!

    I love the concept. I love the product. I installed it in my classroom portable, and the (K-4th grade) students LOVE them! Installation was easy, and despite what other customers have said, the product was NOT brittle or overly fragile. It took me about 8 minutes per light, with a power drill to unzip the two screws on the frame, so I could just slide the sky panel in, then re-assemble the frame, and re-install it over the light fixture. I could see how these could crack if you tried to install them by bending them into the frame, which is why I advise doing the method I described above. The color tinting and change is perfect! I have a classroom with beige walls and orange carpet (bleh!) This brings some life to the room. I am ordering 6 more, so I can complete the whole class.

    Martin S. 8/29/15
  • Daydreaming in the Library

    My 3 cumulus panels really brighten up our school library. The students keep asking me to buy more. They love them!

    Angelique A. 8/26/15
  • Fantastic!

    I did a custom order...they were worried it might be "blurry" came out looking amazing! So glad I took a little exactly what I wanted. Well Done USA Sky Panels!

    Kyle P. 8/21/15
    Tags: #Custom
  • They are nice.

    Had a previous one before. They are nice.

    Mary H Freeman 8/18/15
  • Great for skylight too!

    I ordered 3 different panels to replace the skylight panels in two bathrooms and a laundry room. I ordered custom sizing and requested specific cutting on the palm tree panel. Came out just the way I wanted. Received within just a few days. Couldn't be happier!

    Donna W. 8/11/15
  • Exceptional in classroom

    Honestly, this is truly going to impact the learning experience of my fifth graders! This is the classroom I dreamed of when I was 10 years old...calm, soothing and beautiful! Beyond easy to install and absolutely worth the extra money to cut to my specifications. Thank you SKYPANELS!!! I am in love!!!

    Cheryl R. 8/6/15
  • They are the perfect solution for getting rid of some of the florescent ...

    My husband put them up in my classroom. They are the perfect solution for getting rid of some of the florescent light shock when I turn on the light. Plus, they will provide a calming effect for my students.

    Gina McCaulley 8/4/15
    Tags: #CumulusII
  • This product can transform any room!

    Arrived quickly and all intact with an included razor knife. Easy to trim and install and with 5300 Kelvin natural white bulbs shining through; you would swear you were looking through sky lights! Very impressed.....

    Michael K. 8/1/15
  • Awesome!

    I own a childcare center and have a motion sensors on my alarm system. Due to this, I can not have anything hanging is the classrooms. I purchased some Skypanels to put up in my infant room so that the babies have something to look at and not just the plain ceiling. They LOVE them and so do the parents! I would highly recommend these!

    Amy C. 7/29/15
  • We have had nothing but

    We have had nothing but positive comments from our patients and staff. Happy we did it!

    Linda P. 7/23/15

    The panels are great and look good in my kitchen. Everybody that comes in the door look up and compliment it. I LOVE IT

    Nedenia W. 7/21/15
  • Easy installation

    Very easy to install. Very easy to cut and fit to size.

    Oralia Puente 7/20/15
  • Five Stars

    Sure helped warm up the office!!

    Ms. Faulkner 7/20/15
  • I LOVE my skypanels

    I LOVE my skypanels. I am the envy of the office. New to the fluorescent office world, I was getting headaches every day and was very self-conscious about how my skin looked under the yucky light. People come into my office just to get a taste of nature. They are sturdy and so adorable. I can't speak for the ease of trimming them because the maintenance guy in my office was nice enough to offer to do it for me. I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone who is a free spirit stuck in a cookie-cutter space.

    Mari 7/16/15
  • You have to cut it yourself.

    You have to cut it yourself. With a box cutter. It took 20 minutes to install 2 in my classroom. Seriously, people. They're gorgeous and the kids are in awe. The fluorescent light headaches will be lessened when I can afford more. If you're reading reviews and trying to decide... yes, there's some trimming. The instructions are straightforward. Buy the clips, especially if you're a teacher.. no one wants a maintenance worker grumbling to admin. Ours are the drop lights.. we still took the whole frame down, were careful with each panel to avoid scratching, and added 3-4 clips to each long side to be safe. It wasn't hard. Feel free to take a nap first. Just don't review until you have the energy to actually give it a real attempt.

    amsd2dth 7/14/15
  • Nice Fixture Lenses

    I have 2 ugly fluorescent light fixtures in my kitchen. I was going to take the lights out, but when I found sky panels and decided to see how they look. They look great and my wife loves them.

    Gary S. 7/11/15
  • great product

    The assistance on the phone during the order process was amazing. We have installed the light covers and they look great.

    Dr. L. 7/6/15
  • Great light panels!

    the panels arrived in 3 days in perfect shape. They were scored and put into place within 15 minutes. They have added a new pleasant ambiance to our kitchen. Hint: the panels should be on a hard flat surface to be scored and snapped. Otherwise they may crack and brake.

    Kim C. 6/30/15
  • Very cool!

    I ordered this for my classroom. It is beautiful! I cannot say that it helps as a light diffuser because I only have one of them, in a room full of harsh lights- so to say that it isn't a good filter would not be fair. I ordered the "standard" size, but it still had to be cut when I received it. This is my fault though, because I should have measured beforehand. Cutting was simple and quick - I had no troubles there. I hope to order many more of these to help ease the harsh lighting in my classroom. Several people have come into my room and want to purchase as well. They are a good quality.

    Paige Matthews 6/30/15
  • Product, price, and people...All three were GREAT!

    My order was very small but the help given me was as if I was ordering hundreds of panels. Needed exact measurements because my boss, bless her heart, was growing weary of me bringing home the wrong sized, super flimsy, box store product...but the price was great! Just remember, price is nothing without quality of product and the people to back it up! It's been a great experience and the panels are terrific! We'll be back for more I'm sure.

    Jim M. 6/26/15
  • Skypanels for covering up ugly fluorescent lighting.

    Love them. I'm a Dental Hygienist and a lot of patients are nervous so I play nice soothing music and when they look up they all have remarked on how beautiful and relaxing they are to see.

    Jennifer E. 6/21/15
  • Five Stars

    What a great look in our kitchen.

    Robert W Decker 6/18/15
  • It still looks really nice and it is a bit darker in the room

    We did have to trim these even though our light fixture is standard 2'x4'. We really should have read the directions first! It still looks really nice and it is a bit darker in the room, but we have lots of windows.

    YogaEnergyTherapy 6/7/15
  • The Best Panels

    Great prices, fast shipping and great, personal follow-up all added up to a great experience for me. I would order from SkyPanels again in a heartbeat. I ordered mine for my sister's kitchen as a birthday present for her. I'm sure she'll be pleasantly surprised when she sees them.

    Franklin A. 6/4/15
  • nice addition to my office

    I work in a school,and felt the panels would create a calm feeling as I have no windows. The feedback from students was positive. Other teachers are coming by to look, they will be ordering soon.

    Anne L. 5/25/15
  • In the pacific northwest it is nice to see some blue sky during our long gray

    I purchased these to somewhat dim the light in my treatment rooms. In the pacific northwest it is nice to see some blue sky during our long gray winters, even if the blue sky is artificial. My patients often remark about how much they like these panels. I am thinking about putting them throughout the office. Great price from Skypanels. Very happy with the product. Just bear in mind that some cutting and fitting are required

    Howard Friedly 5/19/15
  • So pretty!

    My office is inside with no windows. I put up a few of these panels and LOVE them.

    Robert S. 5/18/15
  • Very, very nice!

    We ordered the Skypanels directly through their website as it allowed us to give our custom measurements and have them cut them for us. Only $5.00 extra per panel. Seeing other reviews where people tried to cut the panels themselves and had difficulty - well worth a few extra bucks. The website gives you an option to pay through Amazon, so all your billing info gets input automatically. Ordered them on Tuesday afternoon, had them Thursday afternoon, took about 15 minutes or so to pop them into our lighting frames. Timing may depend on your lighting housing, etc. Ours was incredibly simple. We have these in our kitchen over the island - three panels - and they look really nice, especially when you turn the lights on. So much prettier than plain old white plastic (that eventually yellowed with age). Adds a nice decorative touch, conversation piece to our kitchen. Very pleased. Very reasonable prices. Give them a try.

    psl 5/16/15
  • Sky view panels

    Panel added such a great ambiance to my office. I can turn on lights and not feel like I m being interrelated. Clouds are nicer than in photo.

    Sylvia Schepps 5/15/15
  • Sky view panels

    Very vibrant colors. Prettier than expected.

    Ann V. 5/13/15
    Tags: #CumulusII
  • Cirrus clouds

    my sky panel is perfect I teach Pilates right under a light that was harsh the cirrus cloud soften the light which in turn mellowed my clients. They love it

    RoseMarie H. 4/26/15
  • Absolutely Incredible

    Mine arrived slightly scratched, and I still love it enough that I gave it 5 stars. And it was even a pain to cut down to size! But I really don't care. The effect is that amazing. It's fantastic as a diffuser, and the temperature of light that it produces is bang on for real daylight. Couldn't be more pleased!

    Trevor 4/26/15
  • Five Stars

    I LOVE this panel!!! I get so many compliments on this from my clients and other staff members.

    IMGA 4/21/15
  • They arrived quicker than I expected. I needed 3 ...

    They arrived quicker than I expected. I needed 3 of these for our kitchen light fixture and luckily these came the exact size we required. There is a noticeable difference in the amount and color of the light in the kitchen now, I am replacing the old soft white florescent 4' bulbs with Phillips Daylight Deluxe bulbs which will put out considerably more light. My wife is ecstatic by how these look and it impresses everyone who sees them. They are certainly not cheap but in this case well worth it.

    Scott Davis 4/19/15
  • Five Stars

    Good and cool looking

    David Nguyen 4/13/15
    Tags: #PalmTrees
  • Love them!

    I put them in our elementary school library, which has no windows, and it's amazing how much better our ceiling looks. It's great to look up and see blue skies!

    Kim C. 4/10/15
  • They look awesome and are so nice when the lights are off ...

    I moved into an apartment that had ugly fluorescent lights. The palms are in my foyer & the clouds are in the dinning area. They look awesome and are so nice when the lights are off during the day. Now I wish I had more fluorescent lights to change to Skypanels .
    These are the coolest things ever.

    Susan 4/9/15
  • Look just like the photo

    These are beautiful and look just like the picture. We put them in the exam rooms at a doctor's office. They do diminish light a little so the room is a bit darker. But the bright colors and clouds are soothing to patients while they sit on the exam room chairs.

    Charlotte 4/4/15
  • Hot Air Balloons

    This is a nice addition to my classroom it adds a touch of color to the other clouds. :-)

    Beth B. 3/25/15
  • Fun improvement to super lame overhead fluorescent lights!

    It's a fun addition to my windowless office. Lots of co-workers have come by and raved about it, and I sent the link to several. It's a bit pricey for what it is, and you really need two people to install it, but it's worth it.

    Jordan Friedman 3/19/15
  • Much superior to standard diffuser covers.

    Competitive price, quick delivery and quality material

    Sailfish 3/17/15
    Tags: #CumulusII
  • birds above!

    we liked these panels so much we bought two more with birds even! you wont be disappointed!

    deepwater 3/8/15
    Tags: #Birds
  • Five Stars

    Perfect for that dungeon office that has no windows

    Lora Brown 2/18/15
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    I really didn't know what to expect and after the panels arrived and I installed them I thought there was a slight change. After working in the office for a few days now my eyes are not sore and I am happy with the panels.

    Jean K. 2/12/15
  • I love my skypanel

    I love my skypanel! New York winters can be long, cold, and snowy, but even when it is nasty out, my office is cheery.

    April 2/11/15
  • Happy happy happy!!!

    I received my sky panel roughly a week after I ordered it. It was cut to size and fits perfect in its cubby. I am pleased with the quality, and was also very pleased with service and response. If I had more fluorescent lights to cover, I would definitely use Sky Panels again! Thanks so much!

    April C. 2/1/15
  • ... not have any windows and these sky panels are awesome! Luckily our maintenance guy is AWESOME and did ...

    I have a classroom that does not have any windows and these sky panels are awesome! Luckily our maintenance guy is AWESOME and did all the grunt work (cutting/measuring, etc). I only have two and the rest of the room is normal....they definitely dim the lighting, which is fine because I prefer to use lamp lights instead of the ugly florescent light from the ceiling.

    Jennifer Lilly 1/25/15
  • Awesome!

    I first saw these panels in the PET Scan dept. of the cancer clinic. I decided to purchase one for above my desk and it is beautiful! My coworkers all have complimented it and have purchased their own. Very comforting!

    Tammie Moyer 1/15/15
  • Even When it Rains

    We recently moved into a new office and the lights were incredibly bright, so I installed 12 Skypanels. The comments never stop! They bring a great atmosphere to the office. Even when it rains it's always a sunny day! Thank you, Skypanels!!

    CrickyB 1/13/15
  • Looks great in my basement

    This panel looks far better than the old diffuser panel that was in the light. It really cuts down on the glare and brings the outdoors into my basement. The panel was about one inch too wide and an inch and a half too long, but was very easy to trim to the correct size using the included instructions. I used a box cutter with a brand new blade, scored the new panel using the old one as a guide, and the excess snapped right off. It went so well I plan on buying 4 more for the rest of the lights in my basement. I will be ordering directly from the company rather than through Amazon though to take advantage of the 10% off coupon that they sent me as well as the bulk shipping rate that they offer.

    Adam 1/10/15
  • beautifully dim

    Appears a little thin and flexible. That being said, it fits well and hasn't fallen from its placement. Very beautiful, but does block a decent amount of light. We will need to buy brighter bulbs to get the lugh back to a working level.

    Theresa Whittington 1/7/15
  • Five Stars

    These panels came I great shape,were easy to install, and really dress up our kitchen nicely.

    Sunny FL 12/9/14
  • Very happy customer here

    Exactly what I wanted. Lightning fast delivery! Very happy customer here!~!!

    Kent Vanhook 12/1/14
  • Very happy customer here

    Exactly what I wanted. Lightning fast delivery! Very happy customer here!~!!

    Kent Vanhook 12/1/14
  • Used these in a doctors office waiting room as requested ...

    Used these in a doctors office waiting room as requested by Doctor. Worked well and fit in a typical 2 x 4 T-bar grid space.

    Jerry Munz 11/30/14
  • That worked fine, they look great in the sky lights

    Had to trim to fit our areas. I had read reviews on problems people had trimming them, I used a Drimmel Tool. That worked fine, they look great in the sky lights in our Kitchen.

    Rick M 11/29/14
  • Five Stars

    The diffuser panels have been so helpful. I was getting headaches from the fluorescent lighting in my office.

    Rebecca C. 11/17/14
  • We put these in our teachers lounge and what a ...

    We put these in our teachers lounge and what a relaxing difference they have made! A windowless room now feels more serene and relaxing. Our teachers have been raving about them!

    Debaroo 11/13/14
  • no more horrible lighting

    I have a photography studio and in the area where the models get ready is horrible fluorescent lighting and drop ceiling. I can't really afford to switch it all out but no one ever likes to see themselves in that kind of light let alone have hair and makeup applied and try on clothes under it. These panels are a cheap and easy solution to dull down that horrible light...They are heavy duty and are not particularly easy to cut with a box cutter, however totally worth the effort.

    Jessica 11/9/14
  • Five Stars

    I ended up using about 4 clips per panel. The pack worked perfectly the two panels I hung.

    B. Burress 10/22/14
  • I highly recommend!

    I don't have windows in my office so these panels really help. All of my colleagues have commented on how "cool" my office feels. It casts a blue light which changes the tone in the room! I highly recommend!

    Amy Seward 10/14/14
  • I have these in my office and I love them. The kids love them too

    I have these in my office and I love them. The kids love them too. They really soften things up in my office.

    Larke 10/9/14
  • Great addition to classrooms.

    We have these in our Montessori infant classroom. They are a wonderful way to diffuse florescent lighting and add a little something beautiful. They actually look very realistic. I just wish they were less expensive so that I could add them to all of our classrooms.

    Sara Hooper 10/8/14
  • Looks good.

    Installed as advertised. Have received many positive comments on the looks including one which was "it looks better than I expected". They do dim the light a bit. I have 2 of the 4 lights "plugged in". May end up activating the other 2 when winter/dark days hit. We'll see. The process to cut the panels is difficult. I used a utility knife and scored the panel as directed and still had some difficulty breaking off the pieces. It took several iterations. Not sure if something like a glass cutter may work better. Could just be something that gets easier with practice. Unfortunately, I don't plan on hanging that many. Definitely wear gloves as directed to avoid slicing up your hands.

    B. Burress 9/22/14
  • Love this

    Sould have measured better. Love the panel, but it is too small. Thought it was a standard size...
    Skypanels did send me a replacement and it looks great and I love it...

    Gaarski 9/14/14
    Tags: #PalmTrees
  • best invention!

    best invention!! I have no windows in my office nor are their any windows in view of my office....when I get stressed out I just lean back in my chair and it really looks like I have this awesome skylight.

    Lisa Dodd 8/29/14
  • love it. They were so easy to put up

    I have clouds in my kitchen,love it. They were so easy to put up.

    Karen Whitlock 8/16/14
  • Beautiful, easy to install

    These were very easy to install- I cut mine to size with a kitchen scissors & it didn't break or crack at all. It diffuses the harsh lights in my office to a very cool, calming lighting. I get compliments on it all the time & it installed in just minutes!

    Holly 8/14/14
  • Five Stars

    Unique and beautiful for my kitchen.

    Kathleen Dobler 7/23/14
  • I have 2 of these and they do work great..

    I have 2 of these and they do work great. . . . It's nice to look up and see clouds, sky and palm trees and then look out the window and see rain/snow! My only problem is that they do seem to reduce the overall amount of light. I'm going to try some new bulbs to see if that will help

    Big Mac in Bham 7/18/14
  • on a clear day, you can seen my model train layout.

    fast delivery...........very well protected with the packaging.........cut easy into size needed for the overhead light area..........have this set in the "model"train room...............really is more of an eye catcher than the elaborate train layout........saw these panels in my chiropractor's office..........had to have it for the finishing touch in the train room..........highly recommend I never have seen these panels anywhere locally.

    Bill Liptak 7/13/14
  • Love it

    Big tip- use the edge of a pair of scissors instead of a razor to score for sizing. I was going at it with a razor forever and getting nowhere, switched to scissors and had it cut in minutes. Put it above my desk to help diffuse the light, which it does make less harsh, and everyone loves the look. Wish I could do the whole office!

    txchandra 6/21/14
  • Just as pictured!

    I ordered these because I just can't stand fluorescent lighting and was looking for a way to cut down on the harshness of it. I ordered one panel to see how I would like this product, and I absolutely LOVE it! Yes, it was a bit hard to cut, although I only had a dull razor blade to use, but it worked fine. After scoring, I used a pair of chain nose pliers to bend at the score, and it broke of perfectly without splintering. But I can see how if you are not careful, this could shatter. I am planning to order more, but will pay the extra $5 per panel for custom cutting service on their website. Highly recommended!

    Janette B. 6/12/14
  • Changed the Whole Office

    I recently moved to an office that did not have windows. I heard other people complain about not having a window and had very little sympathy for the, until it happened to me. People at work love it, though balk at paying $40 each for them, though I can say that after having these for a month, it was a very small price to pay. It changes the light significantly, and I no longer suffer from the "blues" that I had before. Excellent product.

    Roland 5/20/14
  • lovely

    The skypanels have really made a difference in my office. It has not softened the light as much as I was hoping, but it has helped with my headaches. My patients have also found them very soothing, and most comment on them at their first visit. They look very realistic. They did not simply drop in, as I had hoped-I have the standard size fixture, but they did cut fairly easily with a box cutter.

    Danielle Deoliveira 5/16/14
  • great quality

    We purchased 4 of these for a relaxation room we are building at work. Our facilities manager was really impressed at the quality and our staff loves the look. Make sure to buy the clips with it, this will make it a lot easier to put in. Also, make sure that you do not put anything on top of these before you install them. They will scratch.
    The panels produce a good amount of blueish light. We bought the Cumulus I and II for four panels that we were replacing. To make them all look different we flipped two of them over. They look like 4 different panels. I was kinda surprised to find how tranquil just having these installed turned out to be. Overall they were a great purchase.

    Nicholas Pompelia 5/11/14

    The sykpanel was perfect and just how it was described. It really helps to diffuse the light - We Love it!

    Kim Peterman 4/29/14
  • Great product, but better fit perfectly.

    Thick, beautiful durable product. Stands alone. Can't cut it easily though or it will crack. Tried to cut with some success with a power tool. Also very important to have frame clips (purchased separately). Beware of competitors that have flimsy non-stand-alone cloud pictures.

    Watson 4/24/14
  • Great looking panels - even halved!

    Our fixtures were only 1' wide so we carefully halved the panels. They look great and we are very pleased. Wonderful product.

    MFHarr 4/18/14
  • Light clips for Skypanels

    These would be perfect IF you needed them. For our ceiling light we did not. For the price we kept them.

    pkny 4/3/14
  • See the sky in the basement.

    Perfect for our basement family room. Came in packaged well and quickly. So far everyone coming into the room has noticed and liked them. Yes we liked it so much we ordered another one.

    pkny 4/3/14
  • really nice for an office without a window

    really enjoy the clouds in my office without a window. Makes me feel more like I'm outside. really pleasant. nice

    Jill Sandberg 3/21/14
  • I like but not my family

    I am still talking my family into accepting these. Probably better for a commercial setting or nautical bar. good quality

    George Wrape 2/23/14
    Tags: #PalmTrees
  • Filters the harsh light of our LEDs

    My office installed modern LED lighting, which is advertised as being closer to natural sunlight, that may be so, but few of us sit out in the midday sun to work. The addition of blue sky, clouds, balloons, kites, Jacaranda, Pink and Palm Trees softens the light. Some of our staff had complained of headaches, which have now gone away. A remarkable and economical way to transform the office. UPDATE July 2014: We have had the Skypanels for over a year now and everyone still loves them. We had an issue with some panels falling down and breaking, and we traced the cause issue to the vibration of our building by traffic along 5th Avenue in Manhattan. One of our maintenance staff subsequently used silicon to adhere the panels to the light fixture and the problem has been solved. The silicone can be cut with a utility knife should the need arise.

    Matthew B 2/20/14
  • It looks just like the picture!

    Fit well and I think I will be buying more! There is not much more i can say about it.

    Ryan Worthman 2/10/14
    Tags: #PinkTree
  • Great, but not perfect.

    This should actually be rated at 4.5 stars, so I have to go with the lower of the two.
    First, all of the positives:
    - This diffuser did the job perfectly. No more harsh industrial light in my small office. Plus, not having any windows, it does give me a sense that there is life out there.
    - This was shipped on time and packaged exceptionally well.
    - The light given is very soft and relaxing.
    - I get to use a small desk lamp for a little extra light.
    Now, the negatives:
    - This did not fit my standard office fixture. Having a different size to order would have been helpful. I ended up with some scratches on while trying to cut it that show. I tell people that they are vapor trails from airplanes.
    So, one little negative for an otherwise really cool product. I have had a lot of co-workers look upon this with envy.

    Amazon Customer 2/3/14
  • Obsessed with this product!!! :-)

    We received our three Sky Panels (Cumulus I, Cumulus II, and the beautiful Jacaranda Tree) last night and couldn't wait to install them! We bought them just 7 days ago and had them custom cut and shipped across the country! We cannot believe how fast that whole process was! I read other reviews on Amazon prior to purchasing and people were so upset about how long the shipping took, our took less than a week!!! After purchasing the panels on Amazon, I then went on to the retailers website and purchased the custom cutting option and had them link it to my order. For everyone who is scared to cut their own panels...this is the best $5 I ever spent at the risk of ruining my panel. The customer service was so helpful and I cannot thank them enough!
    The panels absolutely transformed our basement from the boring, normal fluorescent lights to a beautiful sky scene! I am obsessed with clouds and this makes me so happy now to see these lights in our house! I am fully recommending this product to anyone out there!!! Thank you sooooo much!

    Corinne Bruncak 1/29/14
  • Great product

    They do brighten the office more, easy to install, arrived quickly. My only con I have is that they look like they are almost like the sky or at least like a sky light. But they aren't and you can tell that, but they are very good for what they are. Thanks

    Harrison K 1/9/14
  • So cool!!!

    I love this. I have it in my office and have gotten so many compliments. A very nice alternative to the ugly lighting

    Amazon Customer 12/26/13
  • Love!

    These Skypanels are great! Such an easy way to upgrade our kitchen. Installation was super easy and fast! Thumbs up!

    chris 12/24/13
  • Such a nice addition to my kitchen

    I'm not a fan of fluorescent lights, but that's what I have in my kitchen. When my light diffuser broke, I couldn't find one at Home Depot that would fit the space. I was so happy when my boyfriend found this Skypanel diffuser on It is so pretty. When it's on, it gives off a bluish tint, which is not the most attractive light, but the Skypanel is mostly blue after all, so I guess that's to be expected. But it's so very pretty and even looks great in the daytime when the light is off. In the gloomy, gray days of late fall and winter, it's lovely to see blue skies and blossoms.

    Zahrathustrah 12/18/13
  • 2nd item I buy and planning on buying more

    This product is beautiful. Every patient compliments it ( i am a dentist) Quality of product and service of packing and delivery are of first class. I do have to mention light dims a bit. So if light is crucial where you are placing it try if it works for you If its too much for you try it elsewhere . This wont go to waste. Everybody loves them. I did use it where it was intended; in fact I have 2 now. A+++++

    J. Labbe 12/14/13
  • Heads Up!

    Great Product that looks wonderful in my home. I used them to cover the old-fashioned fluorescent lights in my bathrooms and in my kitchen. It looks really cool.

    B. Pernice 12/10/13
  • Blue Skies in my kitchen

    These are fantastic. It changed the whole room, I get so many compliments on them. I highly recommend them and they were easy to install.

    RL Vasquez 9/15/13
  • Great replacement panel

    Panel arrived rolled in a large box, so I thought it was going to be hard to put in the light box, but it flattened out overnight with no problems. My box is just under 2' x 4' and the panel fits perfectly without cutting so I can't comment on the trimming aspect. Looks great in the kitchen but I'm going to have to change out the tubes to more of a bright white than the softer ones I had previously so that the room is the same brightness. I just ordered another one but without the tree and a lot more clouds so that the kitchen won't seem dimmer. It certainly transforms the light fixture, for sure!!

    Go Kiri 9/11/13
  • Pink Tree Skypanels: Fluorescent light diffuser

    I received my difuser today. I love it. It arrived on time and just as it was promised. I canges the look of the area, and gives off a softened light that is very comfortable. I will order more of these, and I like the fact that it is made in America

    Rose Lawrence 9/6/13
    Tags: #PinkTree
  • Jacaranda tree panels

    I absolutely love this. It came package very well, and it arrived in perfect condition. I like the fact that it's made in America. I was so eager to get this that the shipping seemed to take a long time, but it didn't take all that long to come across country. We had to trim it a little bit, but that wasn't hard to do. It is drop dead beautiful. It gives off the softest light. I want to replace all the diffuser in my basement. Thanks for making something so beautiful.

    Rose Lawrence 9/6/13
  • changes the ambience

    I put this up in my office; people sometimes don't notice at first, but when they do that usually say: I knew something was different

    Daniel J Bressler 8/18/13
  • Beautiful

    These really did wonders for our cottage!. Cutting was a little difficult but it worked out very well. We love them.

    LD Fesh 7/9/13
  • Love, love, love!

    We first bought one to see how it would work, and we loved it so much that we bought three more to finish off the entire kitchen. Everyone who has come to the house has made comments about how cool they are. We were going to spend a fortune and redo our lighting, but we went this route instead and are so glad we did. So much cheaper, plus what a great feel it's brought to our kitchen! Amazing product!

    Ruby 6/8/13
  • Great Pieces for Old Lighting

    These look great, easy to install, no breakage and we even cut them in half. The light is bright, but soft and really enhances our kitchen. They are great conversation pieces also. Everyone loves them......

    Joanie Cos-Y-Leon 5/20/13
  • Amazing

    Simply Amazing. I bought it for my wife's physical therapy clinic. They are right above the treatment tables. Patients love it!!

    New Horizons Physical Therpay & Lymphe 4/28/13
  • Blue Skies

    I was in a restaurant in Calif. last month and saw florescent light coverings with butterflies and blue skies. I knew I had to have some. When I came home I looked on Amazon and found these. I love the blue skies and lavender flowers on the tree. They are in my kitchen and such a welcome sight. I can't wait to show them off. Easy to install and reasonably priced.

    Alice Cooper 4/25/13
  • skypannel mission

    the product itself was well worth it once i received it. initaly sent to the previous shipping address on file, i did immediately try to send an email to correct it however in this modern day no one reads the email and just assumes it gets shipped to the previous mailing address, i guess trying to be efficent. however i have to say when notified they tried in earnest to rectify the situation which they did! i took several call and emails on my part but that was that was not this companies fault,i was having difficulty getting the person who received it to return it to me. the product it self came with some difficulty installing as it is a cut to fit size product and they are fragile! the product does diffuse the bright light fluorecent lighting of years ago. kudos to the humans on the phone trying to rectify my miss shipped package they really went the 100 miles thanks again!

    Annamarie C. Michaels 4/22/13
  • Sunny Kitchen

    I purchased this skypanel for my kitchen. My husband had to trim it down. It was easy. And it looks great. I have gotten alot of compliments! Love it!

    G. Woods 4/1/13
  • Kids love it...

    Sorry so late to write review but just completed the children's sunday sschool room at the church. The kids absolutely love the "sky" in the classroom.. Delivery was very fast.

    Happyphillyfoxx 2/4/13
  • Beautiful

    Really love this in my dental office. Makes the whole place feel so calming, and the patients have something to stare up at instead of a boring old ceiling. Great product!

    Sam Jallaq 1/29/13
  • Beautiful

    Placed three skypanels side by side in our kitchen. Totally, changed the room, amazing look. I hope my wife will want to cook more now. Seems to be quality and easy to install. Great product.

    Sharks 1/9/13
  • Changes the whole kitchen

    I think anyone could benefit from changing their dull ceiling panels to this bright and cheerful alternative. They're easy to install and make me happy every time I notice them.

    Micky M. 1/8/13
  • Sky views in my kitchen

    What a great invention. Easy to put up and changes a simple light to a thing of beauty.
    Great value also.

    Edith Vincent 12/20/12
    Tags: #PalmTrees
  • Nice indeed

    We ordered this one and two additional panels with clouds. These had to be cut to size, and I used a oscillation tool for cutting them. I imaging that scoring would produce the same results (if scored deep enough) but I didn't want to take a chance of breaking it beyond the score line.
    All three panels were cut (6 pieces in total) and were installed in the kitchen. The results were absolutely spectacular, it turned an otherwise plain kitchen into a work of art. Lighting in the kitchen has always been rather harse due to having 4 each 4 foot flourescent bulbs in a small kitchen. The panels changed the lighting so much making it softer and more natural looking than we could've hoped for.
    My wife absolutely loves it, now its easier on her eyes when she has to do her cooking.......and makes her feel likes she's outdoors. If I could only make it rain every once in a while.

    Frank Von Furstenrecht 12/12/12
  • Sky views in my kitchen

    These are used in an office that is also used as a photography studio. These dull the glare of traditional fluorescent lighting while being very decorative. We get compliments on them daily. The only reason I subtracted a star was because they were much too big for the fixture and had to be cut down and during the cutting process, one splintered. We were still able to use it though. Overall very nice product and I recommend them allt he time.

    AZXmasBaby 12/11/12
  • Need to be careful how to cut it

    The material is hard to cut. After using a sharp knife to cut a knife line mark, you almost have to tear alone the cutting line to make a smooth tearing. It is not hard, but it needs skill. So cut a small strip before you cut to the size. It works very well with my lights. I feel outdoor.

    B. Zhang 12/4/12
  • We like it

    We bought this panel for our basement playroom. It's a lot more expensive than a traditional diffuser, about the price of a really nice lamp. We think it adds enough ambiance to the room to be considered comparable to a nice light fixture because it transforms an ugly light into something fun, a sky light with hot air balloons!
    This panel did darken the room a little more than expected, so you may want to hold off on choosing your paint color until you receive it. We almost went with really dark paint, but I'm glad we waited because it will affect our choice significantly. It's not a bad thing because those florescent lights can really give you a headache after a while, so I'm sure we'll adjust. The adjoining room also has a florescent light (with a traditional diffuser), and the playroom is now notably dimmer.
    Installation went well, clear instructions. However, the instructions say to install it with 8 sky panel clips, which were not included. Our shipment only included the panel itself. The lack of included clips affected my review. We just popped it in and are hoping it doesn't come crashing down on us someday (the material is pretty bendy, so it's possible). I feel if something as insignificant as tiny metal clips are vital to the installation of a product like this, it should all be included as part of the deal. I may try to contact the company to ask about it if I get the chance.
    If you are used to buying things on amazon and receiving them within the week, shipping will annoy you. The ship date was extremely vague, like "sometime within the next four weeks." It ended up taking about two weeks. We were warned that it may take a while, but the waiting stressed me out! Haha. I think I would have preferred a more narrowed down shipping date, then if it came early it would have been a bonus.
    We just installed it today, and so far it looks nice!

    Carina Johnson 10/19/12
  • Just perfect!!

    Love this!!! Installed above the patient's chair in my office and get compliments at least 10 times a day!!! Was really easy to install, a one person job in minutes!!!!

    J. Moore 8/4/12
  • Nice addition to any office

    These fixture inserts are well made, easy to use and will dress up any office. The company offers a quality product, good service and their packaging of the item was excellent. Highly recommended if you have drop ceiling light fixtures.

    Health Nut 7/29/12
  • Very pleased with this purchase

    We received the order two days later, extremely fast service. We (especially my wife) are absolutely delighted with the purchase, it made an ordinary kitchen look like a work of art. She's very pleased with it. It also softens the harsh light from our fluorescent fixture in a somewhat small(ish) kitchen. It is so much easier on the eyes, and with standard bulbs makes it look much more like natural light.
    Again, I would like to Thank You for the fast shipping and the wonderful product you have.

    Frank Von Furstenrecht 7/27/12
  • Lovely

    It does exactly what I want it to do bring beauty and comfort into a quiet room. I would definately suggest this item to others

    Lauren 7/18/12
  • Love it!

    I work in massage therapy, deep tissue sports so our clients enjoy having a focal point ;) they are very relaxing and well made.

    2boyscrazy 7/13/12
  • Setting the Mood

    I bought two skypanels that enhance my massage room. My clients marvel at how they contribute to the peaceful environment. [...] shows a picture of the effect they have on the room. It softens the harsh florescent office lights and picks up on the colors in the room. Actually, the panels came first. They inspired the course I took in the room decor. But there is a wide range of selections, thus they can fit many decoration styles. If I had multiple massage rooms, I'd make one for several natural environments--mountains, flowers, desert oasis, . . .
    They were installed early 2010. They still look as vibrant as ever.

    Carole Jackson 7/2/12

    Love it :-)FABULOUS everyone who sees it loves it just as much as i do. Tried one to see if i liked it and loved it.

    Palmtreefan 4/23/12
  • Skypanel delight

    We love this product. We replaced the plain panel in our kitchen light. The light is muted, but definitely bright enough for kitchen work. Goes well with our painted walls and is a bright spot on a gloomy winter day.

    BDAVIS 3/12/12


    Carol 11/22/11
  • very pleased

    These skylight panels are exactly as advertised. I did need to trim them some. as was stated score them and they pop similar to glass. I was afraid and no one had mentioned if you could see the lights through them, you cant and I've had alot of positive feedback. If i could afford more at this time Id get them. Highly recommend! 5 stars

    Michelle Berkley 6/17/11
  • excellent addition to massage therapist office

    My clients love the abidance. It gives extra pizazz to the office. They still prefer softer light when they are receiving their massages.This tones the brightness a bit, but not like the low watts lights.
    This is perfect light for some things--the intake interview for example. It was easy to install.

    Carole Jackson 3/14/11
  • Very Cool!

    I got this skypanel for my massage room. The room has no windows, so this adds a sense of a window/skylight for my clients. The fluorescent light is directly above my massage table, so when the client is face up they can see it. I use a side lamp during massage sessions and don't have the fluorescent light on since it is still really bright through this panel, and it still gives an illusion of a skylight. When the session is over and clients turn the light on to get dressed, it gives a pleasant bluish hue to the room rather than the harsh yellow of a typical clear panel. I did have to cut it down a bit, but it was very easy to do. I scored with a new blade and snapped off the excess. I only had one little bit that chipped when I snapped off the excess, but that was because I didn't score deep enough in that spot. It's hidden by the panel frame so it's not a big deal. Just be sure to score deep enough to not have this problem. I have gotten many positive remarks from my clients. They love it! I searched the web and found Amazon's price to be the absolute lowest by at least $15. Nice product at at nice price.

    nano-nadoo 1/29/11
  • Nice change......

    Ordered one of these for my office. Nice quality. Transformed my cubical from a harsh fluorescent light storm - into a nice blue cloudy day. Very happy with the product..

    B. Israel 12/14/10
  • So very beautiful!

    The panels arrived in a short time and were such an improvement to the plain panels in our kitchen. These are spectacular! Really great. Would order again. They are alittle difficult to cut. But well worth the effort!

    Whoa Nellie What Was THAT! 7/7/10
  • Review of Hot Air Balloons Skypanels(tm) Fluorescent Light Diffuser

    Great product! Adds a nice touch to any room, especially a play room. :)

    A. Caroline 6/12/09