How It Works

Install Your New SKYPANELSTM in 7 Easy Steps!

** CAUTION ** Always wear safety glasses with gloves and remember to keep your hands safely out of the way of any blade. This acrylic plastic is designed to be scored (cut) with a utility knife. This acrylic plastic may have sharp edges.


Step 1

Turn off your lights and unlock the frame. Safely remove the frame from the light fixture.

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  • step1-2

Step 2

Remove the metal piece from one end of the frame. Carefully pull out the existing panel and be careful of sharp edges.

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  • step2-2

Step 3

Carefully remove Skypanels from the box and lay them on a flat hard surface. BE CAREFUL not to scratch your panels. When laying down your Skypanels, be sure to lay something underneath it in case you cut through your panels.

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  • step3-2

Step 4

Place the old panel on top of the new Skypanel for measuring. Using a utility knife with a new blade, score the access edges of the back of the Skypanels 5-7 times with moderate/heavy pressure. You want to create a cut line in the Skypanels to ensure a clean snap.

  • step4-1
  • step4-2

Step 5

Using the edge of a table or your fingers, gently apply pressure along the second line. The plastic should break smoothly along the scored edge. If it is difficult to snap, RE_SCORE or score the opposite side(image side) of the Skypanels and repeat Step 4.

  • step5-1
  • step5-2

Step 6

Insert the Skypanels and re-attach the metal frame. *if you purchased the Skypanels Light Clips, simply slide the metal clips in between the frame and Skypanels. (Skypanel clips are used to secure the panels to the frame)
Please note:Skypanels Light Clips are only used on swing down frames that allow for clips.

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  • step6-2

Step 7

Carefully place the frame with your Skypanels back into the fixture. Then sit back, relax and enjoy a breath of the outdoors ...indoors!

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Skypanels look the best and brightest when using a true white bulb. We suggest using Full Spectrum or DaylightDeluxe bulbs.These bulbs can be purchased online or at your local hardware store. Please note that if you are using different color bulbs, this will affect the color of Skypanels.

*According to the American Optomestric Association, NOSH, the illuminium, Englineering Sociaty (IES), the Human Factors Society, General Electric Corp., and others, the average office enviroment requirement requires only 20-70 foot-candles (FC) of light in order to perform computer and computer/paper tasks. Yet, in stark contrast, most work sites measure 80-120 fc of light!