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We are currently look for people to do, an "Observational Case Study" of before and after effects of Skypanels in any, given setting! Please let us know if you would be willing to give us feedback if you are awarded a donation. Please note the following:

  • We are interested in the before and after effects of Skypanels, Whether or, not the children have learning disabilities, seizures, etc.; Do you notice any change in their behavior?
  • We have one case study that observed an improvement in their overall behavior (as well as a 50% reduction in seizures) after our panels were placed, The children also seemed to more focused, there ore, allowing an increase in productivity. (I you are curious about what other customers have experienced, their testimonies can be found on the Testimonials page on our website.)
  • We are very interested in learning about your specific experience and feedback (well as photos) once the Sky panels are installed. We welcome any questions throughout the duration of the study.

Your participation is greatly appreciated, and we are very excited for you to enioy Skypanels! Onge you let us know it you would be willing to provide the feedback, I will forward your reguest and will notify you once a decision has been made at the time of selection.

  • I was so excited to receive my Skypanels! I needed eleven to cover every florescent light in my Kindergarten classroom. I cannot begin to explain the difference when we finally got the sky panels up. My classroom seemed calmer almost instantly. I have had several faculty come into my room and comment on how calm and nice the class is. I normally point to the ceiling and begin explaining the benefits of having light diffusing panels. I have several students with various types of special needs, and I feel that my Sky panels do affect these students in a positive and measurable way. I even had one special needs student transferred into my room in the middle of the year, and we are already seeing huge gains for him socially, emotionally, and academically.

    - Aryale Mahan
  • We LOVE the sky panels! From the moment I put the sky panels up, I instantly felt the calm of the blue in the room. I didn't realize how yellow the other light covers were until I put up the sky panels. My students and parents were in awe at open house, and all of the other teachers in my school come down to my room just to relax. :-) Furthermore, my students do feel more relaxed when they are in my classroom.

    -B. Fitzgerald
  • Oh my goodness! What a big difference Skypanels has made in my classroom. Everyone that walks in my room notices the softer hue in my room. My kids absolutely love them! I waited a whole month with my old fluorescent lights before I installed the Skypanels. The children noticed them as soon as they walked in our door! I have noticed that my class, as a whole, is a lot quieter when they first enter our room as well as when they are doing their classwork. The difference Skypanels makes in the lighting of our classroom is remarkable especially since I can stand between 2 classrooms and immediately see the difference Skypanels make. My child with special needs has had a total of 2 "meltdowns" compared to at least 2-3 a week at this time last year. The Pre-K children that were identified ADD/ADHD last year have made remarkable improvement in their behavior this year. I feel the calming scenes and softer hue has made an impact on them as they are able to focus better without the glare of the old fluorescent lights. I would highly recommend Skypanels to any teacher of any grade level. Thank you so much for such a great product!

    -Janie Satcher | Kindergarten Teacher

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