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  • Fluorescent Light Panels and Decorative Images

    Without using a fluorescent light diffusers to mask the intense glare given off by the bluish white light emitted from fluorescent lighting, you run the risk of bringing that light into direct contact with the eyes which could potentially cause damage. Fluorescent light panels offered by Skypanels screen the harsh glare given off from this type of light, as well as make it more manageable to the eye. Although Skypanels can be customized with any images that you want using a digital printing image system, some of the most popular images are cumulus clouds in a clear blue sky.

    These backlit images provide peace and serenity in any setting while at the same time offering protection from high intensity lighting.  Besides your basic cloud images, Skypanels offers an array of images from nature that can change any rooms setting from “ok” to “great”. At Skypanels you can take any virtually any image, whether it be from a camera or an Iphone, and transfer it to light panels for either LED or fluorescent lighting.  One of the biggest benefits of using Skypanels is that they are not confined to one source of light and can be used with any variety of lighting that can have backlit images. Decorative fluorescent light panels from Skypanels add style to your room’s interior design while at the same reducing the strain and stress of being under intense fluorescent lighting.