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  • Back To School

    Fellow parents!!

    We had plenty of weeks with our children while they were on summer break, but now it is back to school time! Time to get our children’s minds back into their studies and back in the classroom.

    Hopefully you were able to spend plenty of time enjoying the great outdoors. I know we did!! Plenty of hikes, park play dates, beautiful sunsets, and amazing skies. Being outside is not only visually pleasing, but it is also beneficially to our children’s health.

    Now..getting your little ones as excited about school as playing outside is tough, but one thing that was in my sons classroom last year that I thought was a phenomenal idea was these decorative ceiling light covers called Skypanels!

    Skypanels replace those boring textured light diffusers in florescent lights with different beautiful cloud scenes. You can view all the different designs that they offer here: They have the designs printed directly on the replacement panels! I personally do not trust the fabric light covers or the magnetic light covers because I feel like they are a fire hazard so I do prefer Skypanels. I also looked into a company called octolights because I did see that their floresant light covers are are a little cheaper, but they are not replacement panels, they offer a product that is kind of like a sticker that goes into your existing panel. I personally prefer Skypanels, because most classrooms have really ugly existing panels that are yellow and have texture to the panel.

    Anyways, we all know how bright those terrible florescent and LED light filters can be, so finally there is a solution that literally brings the beauty of the outdoors, indoors! It can feel like summer vacation year round! I don’t know about you but I am willing to pitch in to make sure my child has Skypanels in their class again this year!