Skypanels Blog

  • 5 Great uses for Skypanels

    • 1. Have you spent all day in an office or building with extremely bright fluorescent or LED lighting? This type of bright lighting causes headaches and eye strains for most people such as myself. Light filters and light diffusers are the easy solution to this displeasing issue. Depending on what design you are interested in, Skypanels will diffuse the light by about 10-15%. Although that may sound low, the difference is noticeable. The designs reduce the light JUST enough, while still giving off enough light to see all the work that is on your desk.
    • 2. Lighting has the power to affect the atmosphere of an entire room. Whether it is brightening your kitchen lighting, adding a sky light to your home, or adding decorative light panels to your light fixtures. Skypanels create a calming atmosphere to workplaces, classrooms, and even homes. Skypanels are 23.75” x 47.75” and are designed to replace the existing 2 x 4 flat, plastic, diffuser panels that are in most light fixtures. If there is a frame or some type of ledge for the panel to rest on, then Skypanels will work for you! Designs like Cumulus I and Cumulus II are perfect for any setting because you will receive the desired after while having a design that is not too visually overwhelming.
    • 3. A lot of customers come to Skypanels because their classroom, office space, or room in their house does not have any windows. Skypanels is the perfect solution! You are able to choose from many different designs to create a beautiful faux sky light that brightens not only the room, but your mood!
    • 4. Custom Create Skypanels are very popular for school logos and businesses. Having a business logo right on your light fixture is a wonderful eye grabbing location. Humans are just as attracting to light than bugs, and having a logo on your light is extremely unique and eye grabbing. Many schools place their logo Skypanels in their main office for students along with parents to see. This display of school spirit is not overwhelming and is a great way to encourage students to look up rather than at their phone.
    • 5. Custom Create Skypanels are extraordinary! You can put ANY high-resolution image onto a 2x4 panel on display for all to see. The options are never ending.  The custom Skypanels are exactly what photographers are looking for. They are exactly what artists are looking for, and they are exactly what businesses are looking for to display their logos. Custom Skypanels are perfect for all unique individuals.