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  • 5 Benefits of Using Skypanels

    1.      Imagery of Nature Reduces Stress and Anxiety

    Skypanels imagery of clouds can promote peace and reduce anxiety.California Pacific Medical Center’s (CPMC) in a study found out that skypanels helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels in a patient. While performing more than 4,600 CTScans every year, they transformed the room with lively skypanels with lots of greenery and sun. The purpose was to create an environment that helps improve the healing procedure.

    Skypanels creates a positive environment where everyone feels relaxed leading to a positive mindset.

    There was a study conducted called the Single Blind study that found out that by using bright colorful skypanels, they were able to reduce acute stress by up to 53.40% in the patients. Not only this, they were further able to reduce anxiety by 34.79%. Needless to say, these experiments were successful.

    It helps diffuse the harsh fluorescent light using bright filters and you can choose any design and pattern of your choice. It helps create a soft and calming effect.

    Another point to be noted here is that they are cost effective and provide a real value for your money.

    “They are good quality, create the calming, yet brightening effect we were going for, and they were a good price. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to bring the outdoors in to a space that doesn't have windows or needs a little perking up”.

    2.      Brilliantly Reduces Eye Strain

    Skypanels diffuses light which helps with eye strain.

    Over exposure to light can create strain on the eyes leading to dry eyes and other eye related problems. One clever way to go around this problem is by using light colored skypanels. They are terrific at diffusing light and creating a softer and calmer environment.

    It happens with all of us. We walk into a brightly lit room and suddenly have to lower our gaze and blink several times in order to allow our eyes the time to adjust to the sudden bright lights. Using skypanels can solve this problem making it easy on the eyes, and even on the mind. There is a medical term for it called over illumination. In laymen's language, it is a phenomenon when the artificial light in any given setting is more than what is required for the people in that space or room to be able to function properly.

    Since most of us have worked on a computer or laptop at the office or at home and do so all day long, it will be easier to correlate to this problem. When working, you do not want anything else to be brighter than the monitor or the screen of your computer. But most of the time we are in an environment like that and that is not ideal.

    “We love your products! We purchase the cloud style for our front office a couple of years ago and we always get compliments on how beautiful they are. It has helped all of us office girls with eye strain.

    This year I purchase some for one of our teacher's that has an eye problem and needs a darker room so she picked the night sky with the moon. When they came in our principal liked them so much she had me place another order for her office. Thank you for a wonderful product!”

    – Liberty D. 7/21/16

    3.      Mitigates Headaches & Migraines (Particularly those Caused by Glare & Over-Illumination)

    Skypanels help reduce migraines and headaches.

    A lot of people suffer from migraines, and one of the primary reasons behind this issue is glare. To be even more specific, a particular kind of glare is caused by fluorescent lighting which simply results into more strain for the eyes leading to migraines and dry eyes. It is also one of the many reasons behind visual fatigue.

    The solution is simple and also cost effective. It is skypanels that not only diffuses light, but also helps you and others feel good. Once you install them at your office and home, you will feel the change from the inside. No more migraines due to glares and no more strains, just a positive ambient atmosphere which is right for being creative and productive.

    “We replaced 6 light panels in our reception suite with 5 different cloud patterns and 1 with the clouds and tree. The staff and students love it. It creates a more outdoor feel and softens the lighting. Two added benefits, it worked wonders with one of our students with a communication problem – he came in and was fascinated, talked about them not just with me but then in his class and with everyone he met.

    The other benefit – fewer migraines from working under the old glare. It seems to have a calming effect as well. Other departments are considering making purchases. Thank you! We love our Skypanels.”

    – Carolyn M. 6/15/16

    4.      Increases Productivity & Makes Your Room Appear more Spacious

    Skypanels help make you more productive!

    A team of researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago conducted a research that found out about the detrimental effects on the health of people working in an office space with no windows. They also found out that this was a universal phenomenon.

    This research was a real eye opener. The workers complained of claustrophobia and unhappiness because of the windowless environment.

    One way to counter this problem is to simply work in environments and office space where there are windows, so that you can get a glimpse of the open air and sunshine. But what to do if there are windows or when it is not possible to construct a window?

    Skypanels are the perfect solution to this problem. You can create an environment where there are light, clouds, sunshine, and even rainbows. Whatever lifts your spirits and helps you move forward.

    “Arrived quickly and all intact with an included razor knife. Easy to trim and install and with 5,300 Kelvin natural white bulbs shining through; you would swear you were looking through sky lights! Very impressed.....”

    – Michael K.

    “I work in an office with no windows. I got the Fall Trees panels and they look awesome! I have a little sky now and the florescent lights are much softer now.”

    – Jana C.

    5.      Increases Happiness Significantly!

    Stimulated natural lighting can make us happy even in windowless rooms!

    Are you feeling sad? You may not know but there is also a term called SAD which means Seasonal Affective Disorder. As you might have already guessed, it makes you sad and ultimately leads to depression. And there is enough of that going around in this ongoing recession!

    Skypanles is the perfect solution to this problem. They are bright and colorful and there are so many designs and patterns to choose from. Whatever makes you happy. Whether you like the sunshine and the rainbows, or the rains and greenery, or even pictures of your family members, you can order a custom designed skypanel to suit your needs.

    Depression is a condition that can be hard to fight. It is critical that you stay positive and surround yourself with not only positive people, but also positive environment. Sometimes you may not be able to change the location, but you can definitely change your environment by installing skypanels. That is something you can control!

    “I ordered this for one of young staffers who do not have a window. She loves her "new sky" view. Very simple idea to make her happy & enjoy her office!”

    – John D. 6/11/15

    “I love them. They have transformed my kitchen/dining area into a tropical paradise where sunny blue skies prevail. They soften the harsh fluorescents just right!”

    – Kathleen E.