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  • 5 Great uses for Skypanels

    1. Have you spent all day in an office or building with extremely bright fluorescent or LED lighting? This type of bright lighting causes headaches and eye strains for most people such as myself. Light filters and light diffusers are the easy solution to this displeasing issue. Depending on what design you are interested in, Skypanels will diffuse the light by about 10-15%. Although that may sound low, the difference is noticeable. The designs reduce the light JUST enough, while still giving of

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  • Back To School

    Fellow parents!! We had plenty of weeks with our children while they were on summer break, but now it is back to school time! Time to get our children’s minds back into their studies and back in the classroom. Hopefully you were able to spend plenty of time enjoying the great outdoors. I know we did!! Plenty of hikes, park play dates, beautiful sunsets, and amazing skies. Being outside is not only visually pleasing, but it is also beneficially to our children’s health. Now..getting your litt

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  • 5 Benefits of Using Skypanels

    1.      Imagery of Nature Reduces Stress and Anxiety California Pacific Medical Center’s (CPMC) in a study found out that skypanels helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels in a patient. While performing more than 4,600 CTScans every year, they transformed the room with lively skypanels with lots of greenery and sun. The purpose was to create an environment that helps improve the healing procedure. Skypanels creates a positive environment where everyone feels relaxed leading to a posit

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    If you’re new to the interior lighting design arena, LED and fluorescent lighting systems, however common, have the tendency to emit intense glares of light due to the unrestricted energy given off from them. Due to the intense nature of these types of lighting systems, decorative light covers can be a safe alternative in dealing with this unrestricted energy, and also serve as an option for diversifying your interior ceiling’s decorative look. These particular light covers can be used in vi

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  • Why is Fluorescent and LED Lighting So Intense?

    LED and fluorescent lighting in general contains more blue shades of color than your typical warm glowing light related to radiating tungsten filament lamps. Unlike daylight, which has a combination of different colors from the light spectrum, LED and fluorescent lighting has an overwhelming amount of blue light than either natural daylight or light created by the typical tungsten filament. Due to the high degree of light given off from the blue end of the light spectrum, as well as the fact tha

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  • Fluorescent Light Panels and Decorative Images

    Without using a fluorescent light diffusers to mask the intense glare given off by the bluish white light emitted from fluorescent lighting, you run the risk of bringing that light into direct contact with the eyes which could potentially cause damage. Fluorescent light panels offered by Skypanels screen the harsh glare given off from this type of light, as well as make it more manageable to the eye. Although Skypanels can be customized with any images that you want using a digital printing imag

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  • UV Rays and Fluorescent Lighting

    The negative consequences of UV Ray exposure are well known. Some of the deadliest forms of skin cancer and premature aging can occur in people exposed to ultraviolet rays for extended periods of time, yet the general public, for the most part, is unaware of this. Not only does UV light exposure hurt the exterior of your body, but it can also harm the inside of your body by suppressing your immune system and damaging the cornea of your eyes.

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  • Fluorescent Lights and UV Rays Exposed

    Fluorescent lighting such as fixtures, compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs are some of the biggest culprits, besides the actual sun, when it comes to UV Ray emission. Only until recently have studies shown that fluorescent lights can emit considerably high levels of UV rays, which spells bad news if you’re a human sitting under fluorescent lighting all day. The FDA has even gone out of their way, issuing a warning for consumers to buy protective coating with the purchase of their fluorescent l

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  • The Solution is Skypanels

    Skypanels interior light covers can provide a world of difference not only by adding positively to the overall appearance and décor of the room, but also by providing enhanced protection from UV Rays that have been known to cause damage to the human anatomy. Whether you’re a dreamer who loves clouds or a simply a nature lover who enjoys the outdoors, Skypanels offers a plethora of refreshing designs to choose from. For the individual taste which can be difficult to satisfy, Skypanels offers c

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