About us

SKYPANELS™ were created to bring a relaxing work environment to those burdened with the stress of working under fluorescent lighting. Our founders have spent years perfecting our product in order to ensure its appeal, quality, and durability are of the highest standards. We’re a team of professionals who embrace the southern California lifestyle and know how to work hard, as well as play hard. This motto is reflected in each design that is handcrafted and skillfully created at our facility, in order to bring you a valued panel, made in the USA, that all of us can be proud of.

What Makes
Sky Panels Unique?

SKYPANELS™ are NOT just an ordinary image printed on stock plastic replacement light panels. SKYPANELS™ are manufactured using the highest quality virgin acrylic. The images are breathtaking portraits taken by award winning professional photographers.

SKYPANELS™, unlike other products, will not fade, yellow, or peel off. Many of our customers are so pleased with our quality they order more just to have a new view.

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  • about-img1 Are SKYPANELS™ good for the environment?

    Anytime you can create a product that lasts longer than any similar product, it is good for the environment and creates less waste. We have created a product that will not only outlast any decorative light diffuser in the market, but all SKYPANELS™ come with a 20 year warranty!

  • How do we support USA? How do we support USA?

    All of our products, from our plastic to our packaging are all made here in the USA. Also all the labor involved in customer service, printing, cutting, designs, and packaging are done by Americans. So when you purchase SKYPANELS™, you are helping the economy.

  • Need More Knowledge? Need More Knowledge?

    If you need more information about our SKYPANELS™ and what to expect when ordering, you can visit our FAQ page.